Malagueña Salerosa featuring Bianca Rodriguez, Drea Pacot and Amor Brujo

A Night of Flamenco

Native Laredoan, Bianca Rodriguez, returns to Laredo for another spectacular evening of Flamenco dance, music and more on September 7th, 2018.  Accompanying Bianca will be Californian, Drea Pacot as well as the acclaimed local musical group, Amor Brujo. 

Bianca Rodriguez began dancing Clasico Español at the age of 3.  She learned Sevillanas at the age of 7 and began assisting classes in her school.  She received a degree in flamenco dance from the University of New Mexico and has performed with the National Institute of Flamenco and has been featured as a soloist in “El Pintor” at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.

Bianca’s proudest moments have been working with gypsy singer Jose Mendez and legendary dancer Carmen Ledesma. Ms. Rodriguez has performed at La Cueva de Lola in Madrid and Puerto Sol in Sevilla with the most talented artists.  She currently performs in California and has worked with Theatre Flamenco since 2017.