Artists from the Gateway City and beyond are featured at the gallery.  The works on display vary from classical to the most contemporary pieces.  All forms of art are welcome here. 


Musical, dance and everything in between.  The world of art is embodied via vocals and movements.


Social meetups, workshops, receptions, fundraisers, parties, galas and gatherings of all kind take place behind the Gallery's walls.

It has and will always be about the Art.

Gallery 201's purpose has and always will be about the art.  With a long history in the art community, great delight and care is taken in preparation for every exhibit.  We invite all members of the community to visit the exhibits and aid in the promotion of the arts.  

Select Few


Over the years as artists and their works have passed through the Gallery, yet there are a unique few who we hold dear.  These artists have made their mark on the Gallery and are regularly featured at the exhibits. 


The Gallery is host to more than just prints.


Social events such as slam poetry, fundraisers, parties and galas are held at the Gallery.  If you're in search for something new and out of the ordinary to do, you'll find it behind these walls. 


Music and Dance


The art comes to life at night with musical and dance numbers performed by artists both local and abroad. 

Recorded at Gallery 201. 

Reserve the Gallery


The Gallery makes an excellent setting for any social gathering.  Whether it be a reception or private party, the gallery is a the perfect backdrop for your memories.