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"Beautiful Decay" opening-Art exhibit featuring David Berrones and Mauro Martinez

David Berrones is a Mexican-American Artist living in Laredo, TX. He was born in 1975. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (Emphasis in Studio art) from Texas A&M – Corpus Christi in 2003. In addition to being a working Artist, he also serves his community as a local High School Art teacher. With nods to pop icons, movies, rock ‘n’ roll and art instigators including Warhol, Rauschenberg, Dalí and Bansky, the wild works of David Berrones present disjointed versions of reality thrown off kilter by the juxtaposition of disparate images. Stacked with stenciling, illustration and painting techniques, the Laredo based artist and educator’s multimedia collages marry appropriated imagery with imaginative handiwork.

Berrones’ art delivers a pop-inflected, dialectic visual experience, informed by ideas of loneliness, relationships, vice, life, death, self-destructive behavior and humanity’s idiosyncrasies.

Mauro C. Martinez is an American contemporary artist living and working in Laredo, TX. He is primarily self-taught, having attended the Art Center College of Design for only two semes- ters and in the middle of a 6 year heroin addiction. 

His work is an attempt to understand and articulate the various facets of the human condi- tion, more for his own understanding than anything else. Identity, meaning, isolation and mortality are the key themes driving his efforts. Working primarily with the human form and in oil, the figures in his paintings are often fragmented, disjointed, or in a state of collapse. His primary inspirations are the nameless, empty subjects of medical photography. Although he paints many portraits, he does not consider himself a “portrait paitner” by any means. His sitters merely serve as a scaffolding upon which to build, examine, and deconstruct. 

Sturge-Weber Syndrome 

"I’ll never forget this particular experience I had as a child, it's one of my earliest and most vivid memories. My mother was studying nursing at the time and she would leave bits and pieces of her notes and schoolwork all over my grandmother's house, like the debris after a hurri- cane. It was a beautiful mess. 

I remember finding her copy of Mosby's Medical Dictionary on the floor and opening it somewhere in the middle. There was a photo of a man with a port-wine colored stain across his face staring blankly at me, with the caption "Sturge-Weber Syndrome" under it. There was something haunting about this image beyond the strange medical anomaly. Although my young mind would not be able to articulate or understand this for years to come, it was the day I was exposed to the reality of the human condition. To fully understand its implications and come to terms with it would become the drive of my life's work. Painting for me is merely the vehicle by which to do this."

- Mauro Martinez 

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