I was lucky enough to participate in art classes in school from a very early age and went on to study art in college.  I traveled quite a bit as I was growing up and, thanks to my parents, was exposed to classical music, art and libraries all throughout my childhood.  Mexican art so excited me that I began buying and selling pieces to my friends for their homes.


I began traveling throughout Mexico on business for about 4 years, visiting galleries and museums and feeling excited by the art I encountered.  At the time, Mexico was experiencing an important emergence of new artists exhibiting work that mixed the roots of their ancient culture with the modern day influences of politics, poverty and class systems.  



Aldo Ortegon

Aldo has long been a member of the gallery.  His experience in interior design make him a vital role. 


Carmen Garcia

Our "Jill of All Trades", Carmen, although a recent addition, is a tremendous and integral part of ensuring all our affairs run smoothly and efficiently. 


rafael garcia

The Gallery's 1st Photographer, Rafael, is responsible for documenting all of the Gallery's activities. 


Melly Moreno

The Gallery's 2nd Photographer, Melly, provides a fresh youthful perspective to the Gallery and the many events we host.